Week 6 of new fitness regime and I'm not feeling so great about it

what stops you going to the gym

I've hit week 6 of my new fitness regime, but it has thrown me a curve ball. Yesterday I was late for my class of choice, so I quickly picked a new one. It was a class I hadn't tried before, but I was ready to keep up with my habit of being willing to try new exercises.

It turned out it was everything I hated and feared about exercise classes. Imagine a very high intensity aerobic work out, with lots of bouncing and energy and choreographed moves. I hated it, and I hated how it made my poorly back feel.

After 15 mins, on a brief water break, I just decided I didn't want to return. I'm a adult and I don't have to stick things out if I don't want to. So I left.

I went and worked out on my own, but it didn't feel great, and for the first time in 5 weeks I felt an injury. My calves felt off, as did my feet. My poorly back wasn't happy.

Roll on to today. Back at the gym, ready for a class I knew already. Sadly another depressing visit, though no fault of the trainer. I was just reminded through out the class how debilitating my back can be, and I really feel I'll never not be able to focus on it, and it's needs. I hadn't felt this so much up until now. I'm hoping it's just the twinge from yesterday's silly class, and it will settle to its usual level again, which I seem to cope ok with.

It's really knocked my confidence.

The takeaway? All that matters is that you keep plodding on, even when it doesn't feel so good. You keep turning up, and working out. I don't mean pushing through an injury with no regard, but continue to turn up, and move towards your goal.

Week 6 hasn't been so good, but I'll still finish it, and that's all that counts.