Week 2 at the gym - body combat!

I blogged last week that I had returned to fitness. Last week I tried spin,  fat burn and bodypump. On Monday this week I returned to spin, and on Tuesday I'd planned on a class which once I arrived had been cancelled. So I again I faced my fears and I quickly signed up for for body combat. This made me anxious as I'm ridiculously uncoordinated. My body just doesn't look like other people's when I try and make it move in the same way.

Body combat is a blend of martial arts and boxing, and I only signed up after checking you didn't need to pair up and train with a partner! That would have been a step too far. Ha!

It was the a sold out class, and I can see why, the instructor was great. I've already signed up for next week! Yes, I was terrible, yes I looked silly, but I could just about keep up in my own silly way!

It's early days but so far I'm maintaining a 100% week day fitness rate but I know this won't continue. I set myself the goal of 3-4 sessions a week, which gives me some wiggle room. I've managed to not feel sore or tired but mixing up the sessions. I'm trying to try lots of different workouts, stick with them for a bit, and then see how I feel. As I've said I've never really done classes, but gosh they make you sweat!

I want to put myself first for a while, and love my body enough to take care of it again. I also want all my clothes to fit - he he. At least it gives me something easy to measure my progress against!


I'm using my old fitness blogs as inspiration, which is pretty useful as I know I loved it before, and I know I just have to stick with it, and I'll love it, and the results, again.