Wearing wigs every day?

I've always loved fake hair. I've long been an advocate of half wigs, and have often shared my excitement at getting new hair pieces that make me feel fabulous. However in the past few weeks I've started wearing full wigs, almost daily.

It started with this blue number, which was actually my first lace-front wig, and the confidence I gained after wearing it out a few times made me dig deeper into my "hair box" under the bed, and rediscover some old wigs I owned.

Wearing the blue wig out elicits a lot of reactions, from the woman on security coming out just to exclaim she loved my hair, to the gasps from people when they don't believe its a wig until you lift it up, which is a lot of fun. Reminds me of when I had real blue hair!

I've since been rocking some different looks, and loving the extra dimension of creativity they're bringing to my look. I think they're also distracting me from my weight gain too, which is good, as negative thoughts don't help anyone!

Now, the most exciting thing is that this week I've ordered  new wigs, so I plan to share more of my wig journey when they arrive! Watch this space!