We grow our hair to cut it off again...to grow it again

I have been getting sentimental over my old long hair. However, I'm well aware that I cut it off for a reason; it's hard to style, I ended up just wearing it tied up in a pony tail and I used to feel hot and bothered with it when it was down. It took ages to dry too!

But obviousy we are always chasing the green grass on the other side of the river, and at the moment a part of me wants to have more regular hair - I'm sure the feeling will pass though!

We couldn't imagine picking an outfit and wearing it for six months, so of course its natural that we want to change our hair a lot too, and the forbidden, or unattainable fruit is always the sweetest!

We did have a customer who bought a vitamin complex for hair/skin/nails and she said her hair has been growing like hot cakes! So perhaps I need to take a trip to Holland and Barratt.