We are what we do (how you feel about it is irrelevant)

All that matters is action. People often talk about motivation as if it is a thing that magically bestows itself upon people, rather than something that people create or choose.

There may well be two women warming up on the treadmill, one loves the gym, the other doesn't enjoy it. It doesn't matter; they're both at the gym getting fit. All the matters is action.

I'm not a natural morning person, and my mind comes alive in the twilight hours. However, I was a primary teacher who was often in my classroom at 7:30am. It didn't matter that I hated it, I just did it. All that matters is action.

Similarly, we are what we consume, and I don't just mean food. We are a result of what we read, watch and the people we spend time with. If you're wanting to make changes in your life and how you feel about living it, these are easy places to start. Change the tv shows that you watch, read a different type of book, mix with different people. All that matters is what you do, not how you feel about it.

Think less, do more.