We are the sum of all our choices

Who we are isn't fixed and static. However, if we fall back onto the same mental tapes that play in our minds, we can get trapped by our own defining thoughts.

If we repeat to ourself the belief that we are a certain way; "I have a terrible memory," "I'm not the running type," "I don't like exercise," "I'm a shy person,"etc those things become true. They give our brains the chance to not change, to settle into low expectations as a defence against failure.

Habits are hard to break, and the path of least resistence is always easier to follow. There is however, a crucial difference between hard and impossible.

No one is born with the gift of motivation. It doesn't arrive packaged up in a bow. You create a feeling of being motivated by acting as if you were motivated. Once you chase away the crippling inertia of change, it's always easier to keep going; motivation breeds motivation.

We really do have the power to create whoever we want to be. We are the sum of all of our choices.


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