We are results of the people, thoughts and objects we surround ourselves with

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, but I'd like to discuss how this also spreads further than that, to include all of our choices, objects and actions.

I'm such a believer in the notion that we are a result of the thoughts we think, rather than our thoughts being created by the person we are (if that makes sense!). We get a say in the words that we fill our minds with; we choose those internal dialogues that loop around to tell us how we feel about the world. I'm not saying it's easy to change them, but that it is possible, and that we are capable of being in control of them.

In relation to finding motivation for fitness, I extend this belief to knowing that we are the result of the actions we make. Fit people exercise, therefore if you're wanting to be more fit, you just need to exercise. We clutter this simple idea with the expectation that we will feel ready or motivated at one point worth waiting for. That we need to find the right mood, or moment. We don't. If we want to be a fit person, we must act as fit people do. 

So what about the objects we surround ourselves with? Are we a result of our surroundings too? There is certainly truth that a cluttered home/desk is often related to a cluttered mind. Clothes and image can also have such an empowering impact on who we are, or become. Are we the result of the clothes we wear? This is actually the area I struggle with most. I'd love to be someone who is somewhat minimalist with objects, but yet I'm still the complete opposite. I have been actively working on changing this mindset, so hopefully I'll get to where I want to be one day!