We all have egos and sometimes they get damaged loudly

break up tattoo

Emotions can send us pretty mixed signals and are easy to misread. I've been pondering recently that a common miscommunication between out emotions and our brains is the feelings we confuse for love.

Often, after a break up, or even with a simple case of unrequited love, we feel we want someone, that we feel something that is valid and special. I've realised that often this emotion is actually a simple bruised ego, feeling sorry for itself after being rejected.

Even if we broke it off, or don't even want to date this person, our ego still wants them to want us. When our ego feels damaged, it kicks in and wants to fight for something we didn't even want in the first place. This is the danger zone.

Growing old and wise means being able to recognise our emotions for what they are, and being able to pick apart our own truths. 

Turns out I'm not into him, I just feel a bit ego-bruised that he isn't into me. It's hard to swallow, but doesn't make it any less true! We all have egos and they're all pretty fragile! It is always the worst choice to end up soothing your ego by returning to a broken relationship. Easily done though! Ha!