Retro Bikinis for Holidays in the Sun (Thanks ASOS)

I no longer dream of a holiday for the summer, surely it makes more sense to go away when the weather is crapper in London? So I'm hoping to manage a cheeky winter holiday this year (keep your fingers crossed for me). I haven't had a holiday since April 2013, so I don't own any swimwear! I thought I'd get inspired by looking for some retro inspired bikinis, I'm a fan of a big pant. You know where you are with big pants.

Click photos for links.

This Wolf & Whistle bikini goes up to a G cup and costs £34

This bikini bottom is £15, and although I'm not keen on the matching tops, it would easy enough to match it to something; white, blue or even red. Embrace the nautical look!

Speaking of which.....I'd match the stripey blue bottoms to this red striped top (for DD-G cups). It's £15. I'm a fan of clashing  the colour while matching the pattern; I think these two could really work.

If you're not to keen on mixing the colours, these high waisted red bottoms would also go well with the halter neck red and white top. Adding a pair of big pants can make most modern tops more retro looking.

This Flook bikini isn't strictly retro, but I am very drawn to the higher waits and the 70s-esque detailing. Personally I don't like having my cleavage showing, and so this could offer a perfect solution!

Love the frill detail on these big bikini bottoms! Could look pretty cool with a plain black top? Or a royal blue top?

If you're wanting a more classis pin-up style bikini, this blue number could be the answer to your swimwear dreams. It's £40

I may have to purchase this top. Its a bikini top, but its like a tie-top, with a full back, perfect my skin which always burns outside.

Looking for a classic 1950s inspired simple black bikini? ASOS curve is the place to look for plus size loveliness.