Washing Weave - How I washed my sew-ins at home.

I got my weave braided in nearly two weeks ago, and I have my actual hair washed once in that time, but haven't washed the weave directly yet. If you're not sure what I mean, the back half of my hair has been plaited to my head, with weave sewn onto the plaits. This leaves the top half of my hair as my own hair, over the top.

Last night I decided I really wanted to wash it (you shouldn't wash it too often, and I usually only wash my normal hair about once a week anyhow). The scalp under the plaits gets a bit itchy, and it can be hard to scratch! 

I brushed my hair thoroughly first, and then leant over the bath to wash it that way. I focused on washing the scalp inbetween the braids, and my own hair, shampooing twice. I then used an intensive conditioner all over. I'd have rather used an oil, but I only had what was in the bathroom!

One of the reasons I hate washing my hair at home is the staining! I used to use Cilit Bang, but actually have found that Cif works just as well. I fill the tub with some water and let it soak. Soon all of the pink has magically gone!

Drying weave can feel like it takes forever. By this stage it was past midnight, but I was on a roll. I even caught up with some reading! You have to focus on drying the tracks, and the plaits as they can stay damp for ages.

I just slept in my dry weave in twisted braids, to create a messy mermaid wave today. Ooo they feel so much better now.