Wartime Magazine - Woman 1943





One of my fabulous vintage christmas presents was two wartime copies of Woman magazine. They are fascinating not just because they are 68 years old, but that they were published in the middle of World War II, and most of the adverts and the articles reflect the issue of the time.





Look Out! There are machine gun bullet wads on your dressing table. Yes, that empty powder box will make 100 of these bullet wads. Send it to salvage.




Here is a splendid knitting pattern for a twinset 'as fitting and flattering as a second skin', along with a pattern to remodel your old jacket to make it more fashionable.

















A letter sent in as advice to other women:










 And finally, a vintage advert for Milk of Magnesium.

'Have you ever thought that kiddies are growing up who have never seen a lighted street lamp?'                                                                                                                                                                                

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