Walls Icecream - Retro Homeware

I was out and about today, and stumbled into a homewares shop. That's very unlike me, as I don't cook, nor do I buy much homeware....but there you are.

I found these super cute tins, from Walls Icecream, and desperately tried to think of something I could store in them. I don't really cook, so my empty kitchen cupboards aren't really worthy of brilliant tins. I have found them on Amazon, for a much cheaper price if you're keen, and have stuff to put in them! 

I also spotted these retro Ice Cream Bowls  , and I was again very tempted, but there were a tenner each, which just felt a tad too much for an impulse kitchen purchase. Again, they are a tad cheaper on Amazon, so I may well treat myself. Hmmm....

Browsing on Amazon, I also found more in the Walls range...very excited!

I adore the tray the most I think!