Walking into a Tattoo Shop....what customer service can I expect?

As a moderately tattooed person, I have visited my fair share of tattoo shops. Recently I have been reminded of my frustration with some shops. And its definitely more often than not, and the good ones stand out as much more rare (sadly).

For example, I visited two shops recently, ready to get something added to my arm. In the first shop I looked through the portfolios, selected an artist, and asked about making an appointment. I offered a deposit, but as I wasn't 100% on the date, they said just to email later. I did, got no response, and no longer will I be considering that shop. 

The second shop failed to even acknowledge me when I walked in, and I had to stand at the counter for quite a while before he asked if he could help (he was talking with a friend about what they wanted from the shop). I asked to see a portfolio of work, and got pointed to the 'drawings' at the back. No, I don't count seeing flash (even if you drew it) as seeing a portfolio of your work.

I was also reminded of a time I visited a new shop in my area, and went in asking to see examples of their work. I was told that I would have to stand outside to look at the television screen in the window which had a powerpoint presentation of tattoos running. No surprises I just walked away.

These three examples are certainly not my only experiences of questionable customer service in tattoo shops, and it just made me wonder why the front desk experience seems to disappoint so regularly.

It seems such a waste, in my case, I'm someone with a lot of tattoos, and I'll often get a new one on an impulsive. I laugh when I have money in my pocket to spend on a tattoo, and it seems hard to get someone to take it!

It just goes to show, when you find a few shops that are awesome (which includes the artists' skills as well as the shop experience) you just stick with them!