Vuelio Blog Awards 2017

Last year I attended the Vuelio Blog Awards and had a blast, so I was more than happy to return for the Vuelio Blog Awards 2017. It came at an ideal time, as I'd recently made an impulsive purchase on a rare high-street shopping trip.

velvet jumpsuit monki reeree rockette

My mate had dared me to try on a velvet glittery jumpsuit, and oddly we both actually liked it. We hadn't expected to! So I'd returned home, and left the jumpsuit in its carrier bag for a couple of weeks. The Vuelio Awards seemed perfect for it; offering me a perfect way to blend pyjama comfort with black tie glamour.








vuelio blog awards 2017

As I was attending solo this year, I made sure to connect to other guests on twitter before hand, and arranged to meet some at a pub before hand. It's pretty scary walking into a huge event alone, so I always prefer to meet some friendly faces first! 

vuelio blog award 2017

Confession time, I'm not a blog reader, despite being a blog writer. I'm often embarrassed by this and feel guilty that I don't read more. But it is what it is. However, I read one blog, and have for years. I've complimented the writer on twitter (we follow each other on twitter but have never met). I've told him that he's the writer I wish I could be, and I remember once he complimented my style of writing (wish I could find that tweet!). Well, dear reader, I met him at dinner! He came and found me on my table and I finally got to meet the face behind the words of a blog I used to love. Well worth heading out on a cold dark November evening I'd say!