#vlv17 Viva Las Vegas 2014 - some of the best photos of the weekender

what to pack viva las vegas 2014.jpg

This suitcase from @pinupdollx. Wow.

rockabilly girl viva las vegas 2014.jpg

Bri's @miss_bri_lamour hashtag while she was getting ready #takingmysweetasstime

ginger watson winning.jpg

Ginger @gingerwatson winning Miss Viva Las Vegas 17

gorgeous rockabilly ladies.jpg

Tifa @tifa_hogberg and her gorgeous friends showing the Viva virgins how it's done.

pink rockabilly hair and green rockabilly hair.jpg

Xanthia @xanthiapink rocking her bright pink hair and brows alongside @tinatokyo

neon boneyard viva17.jpg

Jenny @jennyeloiserieu posing at the Neon Boneyard.

opening a can.jpg

Anthony's @thexplague picture of his friend's attempt at getting pineapple chunks for a cocktail without a can opener.

brittany jane sunglasses.jpg

Brittany's @ilovebrittanyjane amazing sunglasses.

vintage mexican skirt.jpg

Wendy's @lovelywendylu vintage skirts.

winning at viva las vegas 17.jpg

Cherry @thecherrydollface winning over $200 on $20.

kandi is badass.jpg

Kandy K @kandyisbadass finding her very own sign. 

ruby rockabilly.jpg

Miss Ruby's hangover/sun blindness after a night of dancing till morn'.