#vlv17 Rockabilly glasses - vintage and modern frames

If you know anything about me, you may well  know I love wearing vintage glasses. I decided to spot some bespectacled beauties at Viva Las Vegas #vlv17

The gorgeous @winter_fate is wearing a two piece I'd love to steal from her wardrobe, and some fabulous glasses.

Danielle @dottiej proves that glasses aren't just for casual or lazy looks. I adore vintage frames with vintage dresses. This dress is incredible.


Cassandra @laseguefalret has matched her party glasses to her luscious red hair. Love this look.

You don't have to wear vintage frames, I love these modern rockabilly glasses that Erika @bob_from_sales is wearing.

Another modern look from @p0ly_r0k3tt , I love matchy colour schemes!

You can't beat a classic catseye frame for the ultimate rockabilly look though. @senniavond_ looks kickarse at the Viva Car Show in hers!