Viva Las Vegas - What I Bought

I went through my bank statements and now know I spent about £1200 in Vegas. This doesn't incluce flight, hotel, Dita Von Teese tickets, Viva Las Vegas pass or anything else I bought prior to the trip. Considering all I gambled was $5....its worrying how easy it is to spend that amount, and not really have much to show for it.


Two Victoria Secret bras - can I just say how amazing these things are, and I wish we had them in the UK. I find strapless bras so hard to find that work, and this nude one is a beauty to wear. The leopard print one is the most insane bra I have ever seen, and it increases your bust two cup sizes. I have never seen a push up bra like it. Ever. And I used to work for a bra company.

Finally found the red lip glitter from Mac, bought a new Bettie Page dress (see below but mine is sleeveless)

First day at Viva, I bought a vintage white bag (50s/60s), five head scarves, a Viva t-shirt and a cardigan. I love the bag because it is waterproof (the flowers are behind a clear plastic) and it is oversized and can fit everything a lady needs (including a book).

I also bought some blue converse shoes to give my poor blistered feet a rest on last couple of days. There was another vintage bag, but the photos of that are stuck on my camera for the time being. I got a real cute business card holder with a vintage/retro mermaid on it.

I got two tattoos (pictures to follow when scabs come off), and some other bits and bobs, but it still a challenge to see where £1200 went. I suppose with eating out for each meal, taxis to and from Viva, and enjoying a holiday, eats into your bank account quickly!

I've now got a very tight couple of months....with a big tattoo booked in next month....whoops.