Viva Las Vegas 2014 - The best hair of #vlv17

Visiting (or spying using social media) Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is such a hair-spiring place to be. I thought I'd round up some of the best hair inspiration for your very own rockabilly hair-spiration.

I follow Ruby @missrockabillyruby on instagram, as she's a kick arse American vintage hairstylist (she's also on our wall in the salon from past Vivas!) but this look she wore to the pool party has to be my favourite hairstyle of hers yet! The perfect blonde poodle served with a dollop of rockabilly attitude.

Talking of rockabilly attitude, another Viva Las Vegas favourite is of course Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt, who took her inspiration from a 1959 Barbie. Perfection. A high pony with a mini poodle curl at the front.

Dixie @dixiedpinup has the perfect swimming pool hairdo - again a high pony tail, but she has added a single roll at the front, and created a garland of hair flowers - it's Vegas, why not?!


Shelly @shellyruiz1983 has amazing height to her fringe, I can only imagine its a ton of back combing under that sleek exterior! Gorgeous.

Raquel Reed @ihateraquelreed is one to follow if you want to see hair with attitude! 

Yasmin @vampdecarlo proves that hair doesn't have to be 'set', with this glam 60s look. Sleek but lots of volume.

Renai @renaiholidai shows us how to rock perfect victory rolls at her photoshoot at VLV.


Another #VLV favourite, Jasmin @vintagevandal is super friendly, and her outfits are always stand-out (which is tricky at VLV!). I love her rocking poodle do here.

Courtney @pinupcourtney  has two super cute rolls, and I love how they go in opposite ways to meet/kiss in the middle.