Viva Las Vegas 16 - Matching Sailor Jerry Tattoos

Yesterday me and Pip got our matching best friend tattoos - sailor jerry hammer head sharks. Prior to coming to Vegas I had checked out the artists in the tattoo lounge, and had picked Chris Breksa at Alchemy Tattoo (which is in LA). I had emailed him, and was pleasantly surprised when he waved and said hi when I popped to the tattoo lounge (having stupidly forgotten to actually write down who I was meant to go to!).

Pip and I had planned matching hammer head sharks for a while, but hadn't picked a design, so Chris helped us find some original sailor jerry shark flash. Mine for my arm, and Pip for her ankle.

We had a laugh getting them done, mine in purple and pink, and Pip's in black and red. Chris was really easy going, and we definitely talked shop. I was pretty darn excited to hear that Britney Spears had been to his shop. He mentioned sending me some artwork for the salon, so I will definitely chase him on that one!

The shark was my fourth Las Vegas's a dangerous tradition to have! ;-)