Viva Las Vegas 16 - En route to Vegas baby!

These are going to be super quick blog posts from Vegas (for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 16) as I want to be out there enjoying it!

So, me and Pip Jolley headed out on our Virgin flight, and started the journey with some bloody marys and coffee - perfect!

So we arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and we wanted to head straight out, and so I knew where I wanted to go first - Fat Tuesdays for my favourite cocktail!

I'm proud of both our make up skills in this picture!

I visited one of the Bettie Page stores, and was pretty surprised when lovely Sydney who works there asked if I owned a hair salon! She recognised me from instagram - what a small world social media makes it!

 This is my fourth trip to Vegas, but I still had some firsts I ticked off - we gambled  properly at casino tables (and cashed in our winnings) and went to a Vegas club. However, as you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in those stories are for blogging ;-)