Viva Las Vegas 15 - Victory Rolls, Strolling and Pool Parties

Day 3 in Vegas started with a hair and make-up demonstration. They gave us tips on how to create better victory rolls, and I certainly picked up a few new ideas to work with! Lucy and I ran back to my room to give me a chance to try it out!

I have to say, I did the left one on my own, but did need a tiny bit of guidance with the right. But they are by far the best victory rolls I have managed. It's just practice, practice, practice.

Lucy quickly gave herself some victory rolls too......she managed this in under ten minutes!! Lucky for me, Lucy is my first hairdresser in Rockalily Cuts!!

We then headed for some lunch by the pool. I say lunch......I mean some fruit, a cocktail and some crisps. The pool bar didn't have a veggie option!

A brief dance class followed. I'm not one for partner dancing, but I learnt the Stroll, which is a dance girls do together. It's basically like line dancing to better music!

For our evening entertainment we decided to do some Burlesque Bingo.

Now, we liked the concept. There is a performance, where the dancer performs her burlesque on a bingo board on the floor. As each piece of clothing falls, that is the number called. Unfortunately, and I'm thinking how best to word this.........after the introduction, and one performance (of about 6) all of us wanted to leave. We promptly left at the start of the second dance. I have never done that before, but all of us struggled to watch. Sadly it just wasn't very good. 

We headed upstairs to watch some of the jiving. Here are Simone and Lucy......both looking stunning!