Viva Las Vegas 15 - The Car Show

The car show is my favourite event at Viva Las Vegas, it is quite a surreal experience!

You arrive, and start looking around at the trade stalls, perhaps grab a drink, and start to look at the cars. Very soon after you start getting photographers asking you to pose next to cars. Once you stand by a car, more people with cameras will start taking your picture too. You may get asked to pose with a child if you're a celebrity. It's a lot of crazy fun!

It's pretty vast, so you can keep surprising yourself with more and more awesome cars. 

It was baking hot, but again, a fabulous day. They have bands playing, food and drink and of course lots of people in their summery best!

We needed a cooling off, so we headed to the pool. I love this photo I took of some people dancing by the pool (again they have bands playing).