Viva Las Vegas 14? - My trip to Viva Las Vegas 13

Last year I went to Viva Las Vegas 13, and had planned to visit this April for Viva Las Vegas 14. As I gave up my job to completely focus on Rockalily and Alternatively Lovely, I will not be able to afford the trip, but I thought I would give my experience of it, to anyone not sure about going.

Viva Las Vegas is the biggest rockabilly event in the world. It is held annually in Vegas, and has continued to increase in size year on year. It has a pool party, burlesque shows, a hot rod car show, bands, a fashion show, dance classes and a dance competition. Oh and shopping.

Last year I stumbled across Viva Las Vegas 13 online, and was determined to go. I asked about, but no body was able to get the time off work. Determined not to miss out, I booked to go on my own. Booked the three-day event ticket, and booked a room and my flight. The excitement started to build, as I began to prepare. As it turned out, a burlesque friend Luna Rosa, was also going, so I offered to share my room with her, for a portion of my trip.

All packed and ready to go - I attempted to not pack too much, so that I could shop, but this was as small as I could get it!

 Here it is, all unpacked in my hotel room in Vegas.

 I kept the outfit low key for my first day out and about in Vegas.


If you plan to go alone, like I did, don't despair. Vegas is full of stuff to look at.

I visited one of the Betty Page stores (there are three in Vegas!) and treated myself to a new dress, and wore it out to see a comedy show.

It was finally time for Viva Las Vegas to start - I decided to keep the outfit more casual. I was still on my own, and headed off at midday to be there as it opened to check it out.

I decided on cropped denim jeans, a checked top and brushed out curls.

I arrived, got my wrist band and headed for the bar. My own tip is to not bother showing up early on the first day! Ended up chatting to a fellow VLV13 lady, and realising I needed to eat to stop myself getting hammered before 2pm! I ate, and then watched a band in one of the bars.

I headed home to change for the night's entertainment - seeing a burlesque show, and finally meeting with Luna Rosa (who was arriving just in time for the show).

You have to excuse the cheesiness of the poses of these outfit pictures - I was still alone, and taking my picture on self-timer seems to bring out the cheesy poses in me.

Anyhow, Luna Rosa had arrived now, and the next morning we started as we mean to go on - mid-morning cocktail. I love Fat Tuesday's slush puppy style cocktails, and we discovered that you are allowed to taste any flavour in a sample cup. Yum. I eventually settled on one.


We headed home to change for the car show. This was actually the element of the weekend I had looked forward to most, ironic considering I'm not really into cars.

The show is an excuse to dress up, admire cars and people and have your picture taken. Men approach women to pose by cars and you pose.

I had such an awesome day. Dita Von Teese was there doing a book signing, Chuck Berry performed, and there were outstanding cars. It was windy but very hot, and I was super vigilant with my factor 50!

After the car show, we went home to change and shower, and headed back to take part in the evening entertainment.

I'm not a gambler, and probably only gambled ten dollars while I was there! It seems like such a waste of money!

We started the next day off with another mid-morning Fat Tuesday cocktail, and wandered around enjoying Vegas.

It was time for the pool party!

On Monday evening, my final evening, Luna had left to perform in L.A, and I had a front row seat to see Dita Von Teese perform at the Crazy Horse show at the MGM Grand. Tuesday I flew home. What a week.

Considering Viva Las Vegas 14? Do it. And buy a spare ticket for me. I would love to come.


Want to see the two tattoos I got while in Vegas? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...apart from the shit tattoo you get forever.