Visiting Old Spitalfields Market to Swish with Mrs Bear

So I was kindly invited to come and swish at Mrs Bear's Swap Shop at Old Spitalfield market, which I jumped at. So what is swishing.....

Swishing is a clothes swap, and it works as thus:

1. You can bring up to seven items of clothing

2. You get stamps for each item of clothing as you enter, one colour for high street, and one for designer.

3. You pay your entrance fee of £7.50 (I was given free entry as a blogger - full disclosure!)

4. You can then get swishing, and search the rails for any items you want to 'buy' with your stamps. 

I brought me with 7 items (3 of which were classed as designer) so I could get 4 highstreet items and 3 designer. I browsed the rails for a while, grabbing a few things to try on. I actually ended up sharing a changing room with a lady who was trying on two of my items!

The actual event is at Old Spitalfields market, as a small closed off area in the market, as a guess I'd say it was about 5 or 6 market stalls worth maybe? As new items come in all the time, you can return later to see if anything else has come in, if you haven't used all of your stamps.

I did swish all of my seven stamps, and I'll be sharing some of my items as and when I wear them! But I definitely got some great pieces!

It would be interesting if Mrs Bear decided to add a colour/rail for vintage/retro, to encourage a few more of us with awesome vintage clothes to swap? What do you think?

Check out Mrs Bear's site for future swishing events to attend.