Vintage Vogue Covers

I have acquired a copy of this book, so thought I'd do some sharing.

The Art of Vogue Covers 1909-1940 by William Packer. It is branded with St. Michael and was sold in 1984, but originally published in 1980. Its about 255 pages long, mainly full of prints.

I have decided to take some photos of the ones that stand out for me, but I'll come back often as this could go on a while!

I took some today, until my camera batteries ran out!

Vogue was first published in 1909. It seemed to have started as a weekly publication, but it soon became bi-monthly, which it stayed until the 1970s. Photos (were used on a few covers I believe in 1909, but only came again in 1932.


29 July 1909, ten cents or four dollars a year.Unsigned


February 1, 1912, 25 cents, 'Smart fashions for limited incomes', unsigned.


March 15, 1912, 25 cents, George Wolf Plank


Late October Issue 1916, One shilling, George Lepape



 Late May 1918, One shilling, Porter Woodruff

Early November 1920, One shilling and six pence, Helen Dryden


July 15 1921, 35 cents, Harriet Meserole


Late January 1922, One shilling and six pence, Helen Dryden


Late April 1923, eighteen pence, Frederick Chapman


October 15 1924, George Lepape

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