Vintage Photos from Brighton

I recently popped to Brighton for a Vintage / Rockabilly Day Out and I thought I would share the other things I allowed myself to buy for myself (I was Christmas shopping).

This gorgeous little antique dog portrait couldn't be left behind!

Following on from the doggy theme, this vintage poodle was in two photos, with this fabulous queen-like lady!

This could be the same lady....? Love the glasses the two ladies are wearing with their furs.

This one was hard to get a snap of, but is of three very strange looking ladies!

Here is my favourite picture of the lot, they look so happy and relaxed.

At the moment I have them on display, unframed and loose. I would love to perhaps start finding cute little frames, but I never seem to have any luck!

I also have on display my Victorian glass plate, and my Angelique Houtkamp Limited Print.