Vintage Letters from the 1950s - 'you were peering like a witch' and 'you are really a lot better looking than that'

I previously enjoyed reading some love letters from the 1940s and I just received some vintage letters from the 1950s.

All four letters are to Helen, two are addressed to Giggleswick in Yorkshire, one is c/o The Telephone Exchange, and one to Lancashire.

The first letter I am sharing (not necessarily the earliest in date) is from Jack from Whitechurch and is from July 1956.

''Dear Helen,

Your letter to my mother arrived yesterday and I read it while savouring the smell of frying bacon. Did you really have a reasonable journey? If so, I'm very surprised, because the hord (sic) which poured into your coach looked an unpromising lot, including your immediate companions. Furthermore, you certainly didn't look as though you would enjoy it - when I left you were peering like a witch at some magazine or other and looking as though you defied anyone to speak to you. However, if your account of the journey was anything like true, I'm very relieved.

I've had the enclosed photograph since Wednesday, but I haven't had much opportunity for writing until today. Unfortunately, the majority of those we took at Newport were at too great a range to be any good - the players look minute and their features are barely distinguishable. What do you think of the close-up of you? It's a good photograph in one sense, but I must say you look rather severe and I'm glad I'm not within striking range at this moment. You may be slightly mollified to hear that you are really a lot better looking than that, to quote an observer you don't know!

The weather here has been excellent all the week. We've had cloud and some sea mist each morning, followed by an early change to blazing skies, tempered by a pleasant breeze. It is particularly hot today, probably because the breeze has disappeared and having baked myself in the sun I'm showing signs of prickly heat.

I'm due to go out with John Rees again this evening, the occasion being a celebration of his engagement to Angela - it dates from last Sunday, I think, and the notice appeared on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to the evening, since one member of the party I consider to be a crashing bore and snob. Do you think I'll be able to suffer a whole evening in silence? I can't very well back out, since I would hate to offend John on this occasion.

Have you managed an evening out with Grandpa yet?

I think that's all for the moment, so I'll totter off to the post box. I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday, so until then, cheerio.