Vintage Letters from the 1950s - 'this God forsaken rat hole'

I previously enjoyed reading some love letters from the 1940s and I just received some vintage letters from the 1950s. 

All four letters are to Helen, two are addressed to Giggleswick in Yorkshire, one is c/o The Telephone Exchange, and one to Lancashire.

The first letter I shared (not necessarily the earliest in date) was from Jack from Whitechurch and is from July 1956. Jack wrote with such a teasing's a shame we don't hear from him again. Two of the letters are from Helen's mother, and are quite average/dull (weather etc).


The final letter is long, and is from 1957. It is from Bill to Helen, Bill is writing from the National Services Hotel in Swindon.

''My dear Helen,

I just fancied writing to you, today, and as I am at work I shall have to make it look official, I have to write in my notebook, so I hope that you don't object to its form. It seems such a long time since I saw you, I must surely be a stranger to you know. I do hope that you haven't forgotten me though.

I must say that the thoughts of my dear chums very often helps to pass away many weary hours in this God forsaken rat hole. Guess what I did last night (Sat). I stayed indoors. I can't be bothered to go out, there's nothing worth the effort, and then of course, I go mad, and dash off somewhere and spend all my money. I'm going to Southampton this afternoon in fact, with petrol I can't spare, and money I haven't got. I'm supposed to be relieving early doors in the morning, but somehow I don't think that will happen.

I had a super Xmas though, to be thankful for small mercies - but at the cost of £75, which seems a lot for that happy period, although for us it lasted for 9 days. I spent a couple of days in Salisbury, and the rest in Southampton and Bournemouth. I always stay at Salibury at a rather ye olde worlde, which I find very nice. The owner is a director of White Shipyard Southampton, and he lives there. Naturally he is quite a boozer, and once can have jolly sessions. 

I should have gone back on Boxing Day to a 'do', but got rather mixed up and couldn't make it. I've grown quite fond of Salisbury, which I find rather quaint.

I had planned a long ???? letter to you this morning, but I have had Ken down for a good hour talking. He is in the ???? shed at the moment, and like us all have, hasn't much to do. I can't remember what the last gem was that I gave you. Was it that Ken had left us? If not, he did and went back to Christchurch, no doubt about his wayward business, more of which I shall probably tell you. However, he found that the ways of Christchurch were as they should be, but he couldn't manage on less money, so he joined us once again. Alas, we are no longer the soul mates that we were, perhaps because of ???? circumstances. We are really quite friendly though. <The letter then talks about him for quite a long time! I have edited it out>

You can believe me when I say that I haven't even had a date here. I wrote to Marion before Xmas, saying that I was coming home, never dreaming that she would be fixed up, so I had a shock when she wrote to me to tell me that they were going away for a few days then. It was too late then to fix up anywhere else, although I almost took a chance.''


More to come later!