Vintage Inspired Shopping from Oasis

It's much easier these days to find vintage and rockabilly inspired items on the high street. I've always found Oasis have been a pretty reliable option, and I took a peek to find what gems they currently have on offer.

This has a nice 1950s length to it, and I can imagine it with some lovely pastel accessories (I'm a fan of lemon yellow with denim!).

These types of 50s inspired swing skirts are usually pretty hard to find on the high street, but sometimes when summer swings by, a few pop up. They are such a classic item - you'll be wearing it for years to come!

I love this pink one too!

Nautical never goes out of fashion for those of us with a rockabilly-twist to our style!

Novelty prints were popular back in the 50s, so why not embrace some modern day versions? I can imagine this strawberry shirt tucked into a skirt sweetly.

This little cropped top would show off your summer tan nicely!

Our summer weather isn't that predictable, so maybe a leather jacket just in case of rain!