Vintage Hair Tutorials for Cosmopolitan

I was recently asked to help create 4 hair tutorials for Cosmopolitan's website, and yesterday was finally the day of the photoshoot!

I have to confess, as exciting as having a make-up artist's skills seems, they often make me very nervous. I create my face each morning with make-up, and it can be hard to feel ok in my face if it looks different! I was super relieved when I went to inspect my finished look in the toilet as it looked like my make-up but more flawless! The skill of a make-up artist definitely shows in shoots - on camera my skin looked daisy fresh, but in the flesh it looks quite scary! The amount of foundation and powder you end up using makes your wrinkles and lines crease and you look like you fell into a MAC counter, but on the photo it made me look 5 years younger. Phew!

We had a full day of shooting, and I took lovely Emily who works for me at Rockalily Cuts as my extra hair model. I was asked to demo 4 different vintage/pin up looks, and we modelled two each. I decided to share how I create vintage curls, a beehive, victory rolls and a faux bang.

Cosmopolitan Magazine gave us the studio, make-up artist and a kick arse photographer, but I was in charge of creating the hair, and the elements that would go into the tutorial. Emily and I had a lot of creative fun trying to work out how best to photograph each step, getting a balance between usefulness and composure of the actual image. The geek in me had a blast!

The tutorials that proved the most challenging were the beehive and the victory rolls, we just found it harder to capture the steps, as well as the finished product in a 2d image. It really got the problem-solving juices flowing!

I'm excited (and maybe a bit nervous) to see the final tutorials completed and on Cosmo's website - watch this space!