Vintage Glasses - Where to Find Vintage / Retro Glasses

I get so many compliments on my glasses, and so many questions about them I thought I would do a blog post!

I wear vintage glasses, that I either find in vintage fairs, or online. 

I then give them to Specsavers, who put my lenses in. You do have to accept responsibility that the old brittle plastic may shatter (they have to heat them to remove and replace lenses), but what option do we have?!

Specsavers usually charge me about £40 for the lenses, and I have just got some done as prescription sunglasses which were £50.

I recently got introduced to Shuron, which I am quite excited about. If I had the spare cash I would be ordering some!

Shuron have been making glasses for almost 140 years, and are still making new frames from vintage designs.

I particularly like these:


If you are looking for some cheap and cheerful reproduction vintage style glasses, you may want to look at Jeepers Peepers Retro. The frames start from £14.

If you want orginal vintage frames, you may want to look at Dead Men's Spex. Iwant these ones!

If you want some more upmarket reproduction vintage frames, you could treat yourself with a visit to Cutler and Gross? I like these ones!

If you still prefer orginial vintage glasses, and don't mind spending a little more, you'll love Klasik. It makes me sad to look, as I want so many of them, but can't have them. My dream is to own so many pairs of awesome glasses I can match them to my outfits.

If there is a Klasik glasses fairy out there, I would love these ones please. Pretty please.

These diamonte 1950s glasses make my heart hurt. I want them. If I wasn't going to Las Vegas, I would buy them.