Vintage glasses - prescription sunglasses from ineedspex

I wear glasses all of the time, and now the sun seems to be smiling a bit more I needed some new prescription sunglasses.

If you've never considered getting prescription sunglasses, I really urge you to! They're lifechanging (well.....not exactly, but pretty darn awesome).

If like me, you need glasses all the time, when it's sunny you either end up wearing contacts (which then get dry or annoying) or having to squint in the sun. Prescription sunnies mean I can relax, be able to see, and not have to struggle with the sunshine.

These were my favourite vintage 1970s sunglasses, so I figured I'd get my lenses put in. I get all of my vintage frames processed through ineedspex - who offer a cheap and fast postal service. I popped my frames into the post, and looked forward to their safe return!





I accidently bought some new vintage frames today too....uhoh, so Ineedspex will be getting another parcel from me very soon!

I bought these frames (they're blck diamonted catseye) from Auntie Aviator at Spitalfields Market. She's super helpful when you're looking to try on, and I always find her frames to be a great price. I love the glasses I wear regularly, so it's tricky to find new frames that I could imagine wearing daily too, but these ones had my name on them!