Vintage Christmas Magazine 1945 - Christmas jumper


Here is the most fabulous knitting pattern article for this Christmas jumper from 1945. I wish I could knit as I would adore to wear this with my Freddie jeans.

Love it.

"It's new, it's most unusual and although designed specifically for skating and other sports, it's perfect for home or office wear too.

One word of warning - the main part of the jumper is very simple, but to make a success of the yoke you need either a certain amount of practice with Fair Isle and similar patterns, or intense concentration on the job and no distraction from the wireless or conversation while you're working!"

From the same magazine - How to lose weight the vintage way and what to do with your old black out material.



I had many requests for the pattern for this jumper. My scanner is broken, so have taken a photo for now. Don't think it will be super useful, but it's a start!