Vintage Christmas Magazine 1945 - Cake Recipes during Rationing

A Real Spread

"Thanks to those extra Christmas rations, we can give the children more exciting food for their party this year - LILIAN MATTINGLY has some good suggestions here."

"Isn't it nice that this year - thanks to the extra Christmas rations - we can give the children something a little more exciting in the way of party food. For instance, if you want to  make good use of some of the extra chocolate ration, and, incidentally, produce a most unusual cake, I would suggest your trying the following recipe. The unusual thing about it is that it does not need cooking and, though breadcumbs are the foundation, it tastes rich. It's very easy to make, and is ready to eat in two hours."

Uncooked Chocolate Cake:

1/2 lb crisped breadcumbs

2 oz bar chocolate

2 tablespoonfuls golden syrup

4 oz margarine

2 tablespoonfuls cocoa

1 tablespoonful sugar

Cut some fairly thick slices of bread a day old, and when you have the oven on put them in and bake to a golden brown. The crush till absolutely smooth with a rolling pin on a pastry board. (You will find the bread shrinks as it dries off, so weigh out more than the actual 1/2 lb you want - about 12 oz).

Beat together the margarine, cocoa and suagr, and when light and creamy stir in the melted syrup. Add the breadcumbs, and mix throughly till the crumbs are well covered with the creamed mixture. Have ready a well-greased tin, and press the mixture into it, flattening down the top.

Flake up the chocolate and put into a basin over hot water. Add a drop or two of tepid water, and as the chocolate melts, stir very gently  till it is quite smooth, then pour evenly over the top of the crumb mixture. Stand for two hours. Then run a knife round the edge and turn out carefully on to a plate, chocolate side up.


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