Vintage Buttons (part of tattoo idea no. 3)

I have many memories of playing with my mother's vintage buttons as a child, and I'm sure I'm not alone. She used to have a white porcelain pot of buttons, a mixture of her mother's and modern ones she used for making things. I would pour them out, make pictures with them, imaginary machines and who knows what else!

My mother still collects vintage buttons, and they remind me of her, and they are part of a positive memory of my childhood.

So......I would like a tattoo including vintage buttons. I would also like it to contain a red polka-dot ribbon, and possibly a cotton reel.


These fabulous cards are from here (a blog about buttons!).

From here


This is the style of ribbon I would want my polka dot ribbon in, a bow that looks like it is made of actual ribbon, rather than just a drawing of a bow.


From here
Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has a cute cotton reel collection of tattoos