Victory Roll Tutorial - How to create victory rolls at home



A quick Victory Roll tutorial from me!


1. Section a portion of your hair. For this victory roll style I grab the hair from behind my ear.


2. The victory roll needs a base to sit on, which I've created here with some good ol' back combing. Don't be shy.


3. Roll the hair. You can either use your finger, your thumb, or even just by pinching it into shape. Try and find what works best for you.


4. At this stage you may want to play around with different placement ideas for the roll.


5. Pin the victory roll into place using a pins. I'd usually use between 2-5 pins per roll.


6. Repeat on the other side!


At the back I just rolled my hair into three mini swirls, quite messily. I quite like victory rolls that look 'lived in'.

Have you tried victory rolls? Which bit do you get stuck on?