Vegas baby!

Our first full day in Vegas! We started with a buffet breakfast at The MGM Grand, and I may well have had......ahem.....four plates. Here I am with plate number 4, an Oreo cheesecake and a Strawberry cheesecake in a shot glass. Yum.

Then we were ready for the day ahead!

Here we are, Miss Honey Bare is taking the shot, so she isn't in this one, but it's me, Simone, little Miss B Hats and RedHeadedRanter. It was hot!

We stopped for an afternoon refreshment as you walk miles and miles when exploring The Strip! We went for an alcoholic lemonade, and I loved the little phrase on the bottle Very apt!

We obviously needed to hit the Bettie Page store (there are three in Vegas) and here I am trying on a playsuit with matching skirt. I loved the mustard colour!

My one goal for the day was to have a Fat Tuesdays alcoholic slush puppie. They are one of my fav American things! It took a while but I finally found it and bounded up with joy!

Happily cheered by my rum drink, we went to watch the fountain display at The Bellagio. Perfect!

The fountains go as high as the building! Very cool.

For our night time activity we headed to Frankie's Tiki Room.....where else?! 

Viva Las Vegas Baby!