Using Hot Rollers

I have had these curlers for years, and they were my first ever blog post....back when I was just Alternatively Lovely. But actually I have only used them a few times.

So today I thought I'd give them another ago.

I recently cut my hair off  and have struggled to make my hair have a vintage look, as I couldn't curl it in the same way.


                                So this is my hair at start.

I am wearing Pompadour Pink Lipstick. I am with the rollers in.


I didn't leave them in quite long enough but oh well!


I still prefer cold setting with my foam rollers, but this has made my hair look more vintage-esque as it has evened up by assymetrical/modern hair.


ETA - Having popped to the post office, I'm reminded why I don't use hot rollers. The curl has dropped already. Literally within 20 mins. Need to get back to my cold sets.