Update: A month of being on the pill AND the implant

At the end of last year I got the contraceptive implant for the first time, and after 5 months of spotting, 30 days ago I started the pill on top of the implant. You can read my 5 updates of having the implant for 5 months as well as my nervousness of getting the pill.

I found the first week of being on a double dose of hormones pretty intense. I felt on the edge of crying a lot, and like I couldn't quite keep a grip on myself. I was worried that this would continue, and I'd be back to square one again.

taking pill and implant ree

Luckily that intense hormonal edge seems to have dissipated, and I feel ok. I'm hoping it continues that way! The doctor said to return after 3 months, so we'll see what they suggest moving forward. At least no bleeding or spotting- and the doctor said running the pills back to back is fine, so woohoo!