Ultimate Power Club - a whole night of power ballads

Last night I had a rather random night out at the Ultimate Power Club. Its a night of power ballads, a genre I seem to have less knowledge of compared to most people! The Guardian describe the night's happenings:

"The crowd roar the words to each hymn, and it's like church, except with rousing choruses and huge hair, for Ultimate Power is filling the place not with the latest club 12-inch mixes, or indie disco staples, but with power ballads – music that exists at the interface of light metal, album-oriented rock and melodic soft rock."

1,500 power ballad fans filled The Electric Ballroom in Camden, many in fancy dress or holding blow up microphones. The crowd , predictably, are a friendly bunch - no pretentions are possible when you're singing to a Bon Jovi track.

I didn't know many of the lyrics, but managed to find an occaisonal one I could warble along to! 


The night ended up being quite random,  in that my friends had to go home half way through. I don't often go out to new places, so I decided to stay out on my own! This was a regular happening back at uni too, when my friends would get tired and I wouldn't be ready to go home yet.

You find that if you're a girl, and you're at a night club alone, you're not alone for long. You're a safe bet for men as you have no friends to get embarrassed in front of, and your aloneness provides a great opener. If you ever want to meet new men - go to a club on your own!