Getting back to the gym. Bring it on 2017.

reeree gym 2017 2

After an absence from the gym over Christmas, along with the rest of the world no doubt, I returned to my bi-weekly BodyPump classes about a month ago. B moving abroad and me starting a job, both in January changed my routine somewhat, but I finally got it together.

I have not enjoyed my winter body, my clothes don't fit, and as much as I truly wish I felt the same regardless of my body, that simply isn't true. I feel better when I'm stronger and slimmer. This may not be true for everyone at every stage of their lives, but I am only responsible for me. So here I am, determined to get back to where I was happier.

I adore BodyPump. Honestly, it ticks every box for me. Great music, weights and the perfect blend of repitition and variety. I like that you're in your own world, but yet part of a group. I like that it's weight led too. I also love that there aren't really any dance type moves, like in aerobics. I'm too left-footed for that nonsense.

However, Bodypump isn't enough for me. My body is not how it was, and I want to work towards the place where i felt better. So I need to mix it up some more.

Today I popped to the gym and had a little 2k run. It was slow. I ran it in 13:46, which is pretty terrible compared to my old times, but that's ok, I'm only running against myself. It reminded me how quickly we lose our strength.

However I was reminded of an old post of  mine - Business lesson at the gym where I discussed running from 3 years ago. I used to run 2k in 12 minutes, and really believed I couldn't ever get it down. Then I ran it in 11:29, and then 10:49, 10:30, 10:22. Then it continued down, 9:55 and 9:50. I was stuck running it at 12 minutes for ages, and really thought that was as fast as my body would ever be. And yet that belief simply wasn't true. Just an important lesson to remember. Just because we think something is true, doesn't mean it is,

So I plan to smash that 13:46 pretty soon.