Two famous school mates from my class.....both pretty easy on the eye too

When I left my secondary school at 16, I wondered if anyone in my class would end up famous. I figured back then that the odds meant I'd have at least one famous school mate at some point in time, and I was curious as to who it would be.  Sixteen years on, it seems I've finally got my answer. Well, in actual fact the TWO answers. And it couldn't have happened to two nicer lads.

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Ed Skrein was someone I considered a school friend, and have great memories of woodwork classes working next to him. We'd go to the cinema, hang out, and I'd sometimes give advice on his love life. He was always a really lovely person, and I remember having to learn a jive routine with him for our creative arts class. The fact that he asked to dance with me as a mate, rather than the prettier girls in the class gave my sad and tortured teenage soul  a reassuring hug.  I haven't seen anything he's been in (I don't watch Game of Thrones, and I don't watch violent films) but I'm so happy for his success. He was one I didn't see coming.

Later!!! Also, thanks for all the bday cheers!

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Julian Morris was perhaps more predictable for me, and again I couldn't be happier. Julian was always a pleasure to be around at school, honestly a gent before his time. I remember being on holiday in Greece, my group of girls and his group of boys, and he was sweet enough to help me out of a sticky situation. I hadn't heard of Hand of God, so was only altered to Julian's success when he popped onto my screen on New Girl. I instantly messaged my friends, with a screen shot, "Is this Julian?!" They laughed that I had missed his 580k instagram following. 

Both lads were truly lovely guys to be around back then, and I've no doubt that they still are, and that they deserve all of the riches that fame may well bring them. Looking back, I was a pretty lucky girl; what good looking classmates I had!