Twitter Pet Peeves


I spend a lot of time on I thought it was time I did a little list of my Twitter Pet Peeves.

1) Constantly (or often) telling me how much you miss your partner/bf/gf/lover. Text it to them, they'd probably like to hear it more than me.

2) Retweeting people who are begging for more followers. People get followers if they are interesting. Begging doesn't look good on anyone (including those who retweet the requests).

3) Following on from number 2, telling me how many followers you have, and how many you'd like.

4) Constantly (or often) asking me to sponsor your run/walk/parachute jump.

5) Negativity. We all have down days, that is absolutely fine, but if you are more often than not seeing your glass as half empty.....well I want my twitter stream to be exciting, happy and positive.

The beauty of Twitter is that we can all control it and make it whatever we want it to be - we can all follow or unfollow who we please. Phew!