4 comedies I've enjoyed recently you may not have heard of

I'm one of those annoying types of "Doesn't Watch TV", and by that I mean I don't have a television, and I only watch on-demand internet TV. What I love about it is that we no longer need to mindlessly pick the least shit thing to watch (out of the 17 things on right now, we'll have to settle for the least rubbish one) and we now just watch what we want, when we want. Brilliant. When I go to people's houses with TVs it takes me a while to re-adjust to the old way of thinking!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share some of things I've been watching recently, in case you need some inspiration. In no particular order.

1. Speechless. An American comedy starring Minnie Driver. Rather rarely for a US sitcom, it tackles disability and family life with a dry and smart wit. It follows the DiMeo family as they get on with their somewhat chaotic but loving life.  No canned laughter here, you're safe.

speechless tv show

2. Detroiters. I'm not sure how funny this is if you haven't worked in marketing or advertising, but I'm presuming it's good enough to transcend. This is newer, so less episodes to catch up on, but again, a nicely dry humour, rather than smashed-in-your-face obvious. Not as a good as The Office, but a similar vein.

detroiters tv show

3. Schitt's Creek. Another comedy, but still no canned laughter. A rich family lose their millions, and have to settle into small town life. Could be super tacky and shallow but actually is nicely done. 3 seasons to enjoy so far.

schitts creek

4. The Mick. A rather irresponsible and party-loving aunt is thrown into the role of head of household. It's silly, but not so silly you don't believe the characters. A good chuckle.