TV interview - Hurricane Katrina

I have previously blogged about my experience being in Hurricane Katrina, and I'm always amazed at how many people still search on google for it.  

Hurricane Katrina hit ten years ago, and I was stuck there for 6 days. There were only about 30 British people there, so I'm one of a small bunch!

Anyhoo, today I filmed an interview about it for Channel 5 (I think). I've told my Katrina experience many times, I'm fascinated that people still remember the storm I experienced, as I wasn't in Britain at the time I easily forget that it was such a massive news story here.

I tell the story a lot, people always ask about it, so I thought the tv interview would be a breeze. I actually walked out, two hours later feeling pretty heavy. I really had to dig into memories I'd long forgotten, trying to answer their questions. The memories of fear really shook me in a way I didn't fully expect.

I was one of the lucky ones, I wasn't misplaced, and my home wasn't wiped away. However, it was still a pretty grusome ordeal, and I found answering the question "Did it change you", rather interesting. My answer? "How could it not?".