Turning 30....

Tomorrow I may be turning 30...ok, I am turning 30. Which I guess is a milestone. The above picture is my 22nd birthday. It's amazing how time flies. I was at uni, finding a new life and loving it. I bleached my hair, and coloured the underneath dark brown.

I think this is my 24th, or maybe my 25th? Bloomsbury bowling and massive hoop earrings. Oh and the matching pink bra to the pink top.

My 26th, and I went to the hairdresser specially, and yet I hated it. Straight (read lanky) and a fringe that is doing nothing.

Here is my 27th. I definitely look a little more like the 'me' I now am. 

One year later, and I guess it was a year I got tattooed quite a lot!

Last year I had a crazy moment of madness and had a modern hair cut. Ugh.

Even though this was a year ago, I still feel that it doesn't really look like me. How odd!

I wonder what I'll decide tomorrow to wear for the big 3-0?!

On a more introspective note....what does 30 mean. When I was younger, being thirty seemed so grown up. And I guess I am; I own a business, live on my own and have a dog. Now that my twenties are over (and they rocked),  I wonder what my 30s will bring!