Try and be kinder.

Social media gives us all a voice, to be heard and get validated. It also gives us insight into how other people think, and how they make their choices. What I find sad, is how quick some people seem to be to jump to the worst conclusion, to one that places them up above everyone else.

Let me give an example. Someone on twitter shares that a friend has let them down. Or a customer was rude. Or a client cancelled an appointment. There seems to be a quick leap to, "Fuck them,", "They're not worth your time,", "You deserve better."

What I wish more people could remember, is that most people are fighting their own battle. The battle may be massive like a family member being terminally ill, or smaller like a relationship breakdown. Perhaps they've just had a horrible meeting with their boss, or haven't slept a wink due to a new baby. Or maybe they feel trapped in a job they hate, or live in a place they feel uncomfortable in. Life gets shitty, and it gets hard.

I'm not advocating being a doormat, and letting people treat you like crap. Boundaries should be set. However there is a big difference to seeing "That person let me down because they're overwhelmed right now," and "Everyone lets me down. What's wrong with them, and what's wrong with me?". 

When in doubt, choose kindness. It doesn't even matter if its true. Maybe that person is really just a bitch. But filling your own brain with more positive and understanding thoughts is never a bad choice. You'll start seeing more good in the world. Cheesey and lame perhaps but it doesn't mean it isn't true.

As an aside, I've been a little sadder recently. Nothing dramatic, but enough that I have less to share online at the moment. I cry a little more often. I don't need sympathy, I'm just sharing to remind people that life gets hard sometimes, and we don't always know about it. We're all rocking to work, slapping on make up and getting on with life. Life is just like that sometimes. It always passes, and we always bounce back. So maybe that person who barges you on the bus is just having a really shitty time. They're lost in their own thoughts. Maybe that person who cancels their appointment just feels like they don't quite have the energy or they just forgot. Their brain feels a little too full. Sadness doesn't excuse bad behaviour, but it can allow a bit of forgiveness.