Triumph Shapewear Advert - What do we expect from advertising?

This is the new shapewear advert from Triumph. It has left me a little confused. Is it using a slim model to appeal to ladies who are bigger, but want to buy the underwear to look like the model (but who clearly has no need to shapewear to slim her down). it shapewear in the true sense of the word, and it is giving her more shape by padding her out?

Now, I obviously know the answer to that question. We are somehow meant to buy into that model wearing this underwear to appear more slim. The advert uses the word slim.  Is this really what works?

It reminds me a little of the mascara adverts that now have to have a 'disclosure' that the model is wearing false lashes, and the face cream adverts where young women apply anti-ageing potions.

Does this drivel really work? about showing a lady who has flesh that she wants to 'slim'and 'smooth'......? How about actually showing us your product working?