#Reelaxingweekend - a weekend spa trip


This weekend I did something rather impulse and indulgent. I booked a weekend trip at a spa as a surprise treat for both me and B (my boyfriend). I've never booked anything like this before and I haven't had a holiday for 3 years, so I was pretty excited.

lifehouse spa weekend

I had to book our treatments in advance so I went for a Hidden Santuary Experience which sounded incredible. It's a 3 hour treatment which me and B would have simultaneously. It started with a full body scrub, were we laid down as if getting a massage but having a scrub applied. We were then led to a private mini pool, and this was pretty amazing.  It was a mixture of a pool and a jacuzzi and the room was dark and romantic. Apparently people often propose here. They bring in green tea, orange slices and a cold compress for your face. We really enjoyed this chance to relax.

life house spa review

We were then taken for a 50 minute massage, so we got to enjoy a giggle at each other in disposal pants. It was a relaxing rub rather than deep medicinal massage but it was lovely. The final element to the treatment was a sleep pod for a shared nap. We didnt stay too long in this as we were staying over and had a lovely bed in our room!

I really tried to have a 3 day digital detox, and used my phone minimally (couldn't switch off as salon was open all weekend) and I even read a whole book. A trashy book at that (I apologise to the people around the pool for squealing in disgust when the characters fell in love and married within a few meetings of each other).

lifehouse hotel

It may not have been a proper holiday, but playing chess by the pool, having a facial and eating delicious food certainly allowed me to pretend it was. Our minds and souls all need a little reset occaisonally.