Treasure Trails: The Royal Wedding

Recently I did a Treasure Trail around Fitzrovia, and Treasure Trails asked me to trial one of their new routes; The Royal Wedding Treasure Hunt!

I went with Mother Rockette, so no boozy lunch like last time! The weather wasn't great, but it was dry so that was fine.

We started in St James Tube Station, which was a beautiful art deco little station I had never visited before.


And off we went! Mother Rockette was excited to visit Caxton Hall, so I did a quick pose for a picture outside the doors.




The treasure hunt is a map (which you download or buy) and you have a series of clues to follow around an area of London.

The clues aren't knowledge based, it is basically an adult version of I-Spy. Your answers may be on buildings, the floor, lamp posts or any other permanent structures!

The first trail I did was about an hour long, while this one was longer, at about 3 hours.





I enjoyed finding a Suffragette monument which I didn't know existed, as well as a Women of World War II memorial in White Hall. Nice to discover these new things in the city I love!












The horses in the middle of a photoshoot also perked up my day - they looked so regal!


Oh and when I got home I had a facebook message from a lovely girl who reckoned she had spotted me in town doing the treasure hunt! We were both at the memorial together and she recognised me from online!